I'll invite my friends to Primary
CSMP-booklet 2007 Oct. week 3

Display the statement “I will seek good friends and treat others kindly” from “My Gospel Standards.”

Sing “Kindness Begins with Me” (CS, 145).

Talk about inviting friends to Primary and to Primary activities.
Discuss how to treat friends kindly.
Set up an extra chair, and role-play what to say to a new friend at Primary (see “Role Playing,” TNGC, 178).
Have the children practice ways of helping others feel comfortable at Primary.

Sing “Our Door Is Always Open” (CS, 254) and “Come with Me to Primary” (CS, 255).
Have the children make up actions to these songs.
Divide the children into two groups, assign each group one of the songs, and sing both songs at the same time.

Encourage the children to invite friends to Primary.

4. I will prepare now to become a missionary
(1 Timothy 4:12; David A. Bednar, “Becoming a
Missionary,” Ensign, Nov. 2005, 44– 47; “Basic
Requirements” in “Faith in God Award Requirements,”
Faith in God guidebooks, 4–5).
Write selected principles from “My Gospel
Standards” on separate pieces of paper. Divide the
children into groups and have each group select a
paper. Have each group hold a buzz session about
how living that standard will help them prepare
to become a missionary (see “Buzz Sessions,”
TNGC, 161). Invite each group to share what they
learned. Testify that by living worthily now, we
help build the kingdom of God. Sing “I Hope
They Call Me on a Mission” (CS, 169).