Because of the Atonement I can be resurrected
CSMP-booklet 2007, April week  2

Teach the children that Jesus Christ died for us and was resurrected. Explain that we will live again after we die, too.

Have the children move, showing their favorite actions (dancing, kicking a ball, and so on), to demonstrate that the spirit makes the body move when we are alive.
Compare the physical body to a jacket, which can’t move because it has no “spirit” inside. Have a child put on the jacket and move, and compare this to the spirit making the body be alive.

Explain that when we die, we leave our bodies behind (remove the jacket), but our spirits are eternal and do not die. Help the children understand that resurrection is the reuniting of body and spirit.

Sing “He Died That We Might Live Again” (CS, 65).

Bear testimony of the Atonement and resurrection.