Hats of to Mothers: Mothers Mystery Bag
by Becky Taylor. UT


This great idea originated from: Friend May 1983 ST: Remember Mother.  

I will have things in the bag related to Mom and the things Mom's do - each item (or picture) will have a song attached


  Item Song
My Mother is a cook Microwave Popcorn Popcorn Popping
My Mother teaches me about the scriptures Scriptures Scripture Power
My Mother is a taxi driver Toy Car Do As I'm Doing
My Mother takes care of all of us Family Picture Families Can Be Together Forever
My Mother makes me happy Smiley Face Smiles
My Mother is a cleaning service Toy Vacuum Saturday
My Mother teaches me to care about others Care Bears -
My Mother teaches me to care about others
I'm Trying to be Like Jesus
My mother helps me feel better when I am sad Stethescope Love Is Spoken Here
My Mother is a rock star Toy Tape Recorder w/microphone Give Said the Little Stream
I am also putting in 3 music notes - if they pick those they have to tell us something special about their Mom and then they can pick a song to sing.