My Gospel standards
Friend June 2006, suggestion # 3

Explain that My Gospel Standards help us choose the right and keep Heavenly Father's commandments.

On the chalkboard display the My Gospel Standards poster or list them on the blackboard (found on the back cover of the Faith in God guidebook).

Write on slips of paper these scripture references containing commandments that match My Gospel Standards:

  1. Abraham 3:25,
  2. Mosiah 18:10,
  3. Mosiah 4:10,
  4. Exodus 20:15–16,
  5. Exodus 20:7,
  6. Exodus 20:8,
  7. Exodus 20:12,
  8. D&C 89,
  9. D&C 42:40–41,
  10. Articles of Faith 1:13,
  11. D&C 25:12,
  12. John 13:34–35,
  13. D&C 109:12–13.

Ask a child to choose one slip of paper and read the reference.

Testify of the blessings that come from being obedient to Heavenly Father's commandments.


For younger children:

  1. Prepare five or six slips of paper with one of My Gospel Standards written on each one.
  2. Have a child draw a slip of paper out of a basket and act out how to keep that standard.
  3. Have that child lead the other children in acting out the standard as they all sing "Dare to Do Right" (p. 158).
  4. Teach the children that My Gospel Standards help us choose the right