Heavenly Father chose Jesus Christ to be our Savior
Friend April 2006, suggestion # 1

Before we came to earth, we lived with Heavenly Father.

Show Primary picture 3–3 (The Pre-Earth Life). This is one artist's idea of what heaven is like.

Explain that Heavenly Father presented a plan for all of us to get a physical body and to learn to choose the right.

Read Moses 4:1–4, and have the children tell the story in their own words.

Ask: "Who is the 'Beloved Son' Heavenly Father spoke of?"
Show GAK 240 (Jesus the Christ).

On the chalkboard list the following statements:

"An earth would be created where we could live and show we would obey Heavenly Father's commandments"; "We shouted for joy when we heard Heavenly Father's plan";
"Jesus was prepared to redeem us"; "There was a war in heaven."

 Write another list of the following scriptures in random order:

 Job 38:7; Abraham 3:24–25;
 Ether 3:14;  Revelation 12:7–9.

 Have the children read the scriptures and match each scripture to a statement.
Testify of Jesus Christ.