Heavenly Father gave me agency
Friend April 2006, suggestion # 2

Read and discuss with the children 2 Nephi 2:27.

Point out that the most important choices we make will be between good and evil.
Divide the children into three groups and give each group one of the following pictures:

GAK 309 (Alma Baptizes in the Waters of Mormon),
GAK 310 (Ammon Defends the Flocks of King Lamoni),
GAK 311 (The Anti-Nephi-Lehies Burying Their Swords).

Each of these stories tells of people who lived lives of rebellion, repented, and turned to serve the Lord.
With the help of teachers and using the scriptures and stories on the back of each picture, have each group prepare and present their story in a simple role play.

Bear testimony of the principle of repentance and of turning our hearts to the Lord.

Sing "Choose the Right Way" (pp. 160–61).