Heavenly Father restored the gospel
Friend April 2006, suggestion # 3

Before Primary, gather these pictures:

Prepare eight numbered pieces of paper. Write the title of each picture on one of the eight papers. Cover the pictures and titles and place them on a bulletin board or on the floor in random order, four rows with four items each.

Play a matching game with the children.

Explain that Heavenly Father restored the gospel and the priesthood through Joseph Smith.
Behind the papers are pictures of events from the Restoration and papers with descriptions of the pictures.
Have the children take turns choosing two pieces of paper.
If they match, remove them from the others. If they don't match, cover them again and allow the next child to choose two papers. When all of the pictures and descriptions have been matched, put them in the order that they happened.
Briefly tell or have the children tell what happened in each picture.

Sing "The Church of Jesus Christ" (p. 77).

For younger children who do not read, put a colored border on matching pictures and titles.

Testify of the Restoration of the gospel