How to get parents to leave nursery?

My first thought on this (I am a nursery leader) is call them to be a nursery assistant. I am sure the other leaders/assistants would love to go to class every now and then.  

Other ideas would be a sign on the door - I have seen one or two at the primary idea web sites in the past. Kristi

Have your primary President poke her head int he door 5 mintues after and suggest that if they like the nursery so well maybe they should have callings. 
I have been known to hand books to people in the hall and point them to the direction of a class and thank they for volenteering to teach.  Needless to say Sunday school starts on time at our branch and attendence is up.  The Sunday school president likes me.


We sent a letter to the parents of all of our nursery kids letting them know that because of the number of kids we have in our nursery we couldn't let parents stay in the room more than to drop them off--it was disruptive to the kids to have people in and out of the room and it was distracting from the nursery leaders' abilities to teach and supervise the kids. We asked each parent to drop off their child at the door and if the leaders were unable to calm them after 15 minutes then they would bring them to their
parent.   After we sent the letter then the presidency member in the hall just would pop into the nursery when she saw parents in there and remind them of the policy. Melinda

We had one of those child safety gates in the door way.  that way the child it handed in and out and the parents do not stay.

We had a few children who were still getting accustomed to being in Nursery.  They would cry so hard that they would make themselves sick.  It was not fun, I know because one of the kids was mine.  You want so badly for them to love it(and she did!).  Anyway, some parents just stayed the whole time and some would peek their heads in every now and then and disrupt the class.  One day our Presidency put a note on the door basically saying that the Nursery was for kids, not adults and if there was a problem, the parents would know about it, otherwise have a great Sunday in their own classes.  Then a presidancy member would
sit in the hallway.  When parents came by, she would tell them that the children were fine.  She only had to do this a few weeks before the parents got the hint.  They eventually put in a new peephole that gave you a better wide angled view of the room.  Life in
Nursery is great now, probably because we have the best Nursery leader in the church.  I will be so sad if she gets released before my daughter becomes a Sunbeam. Anne
The best way I know of is to have the Bishopric call them to be nursery workers. : ) Blynn

When I ran the nursery I encouraged the parents to stay for a bit if they wanted then requested that they leave - if this did not work we called them as primary workers or had them be parent helpers every other week until they usually wanted to go. Martha