Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior
By Katie Boeckel
Sing: I Know My Father Lives
Ask:  What is the plan spoken of in the 2nd verse?  (plan of salvation)
We're going to read a little about the plan of salvation out of our scriptures, but before we do,

Sing:  Scripture Power

Scriptures give us power to overcome temptation...
Read scriptures about plan of salvation...

Sing:  I Lived in Heaven, verse 2 or 3

Ask:  How can reading about the plan of salvation from our scriptures give us power?
Ask:  How is Jesus our Savior?
Talk about the resurrection.

Sing:  Did Jesus Really Live Again?

Because of Jesus' sacrifice, we will all be resurrected, but to obtain eternal life, we need to be obedient and do what Heavenly Father wants us to do.

Sing:  Follow the Prophet (we only learned 4 verses, we'll sing whatever we have time for, maybe learn a new one, but I don't

anticipate having enough time for that)
Talk about the choices the people in each verse made.
We are not alone in living in the gospel...

Teach:  Holding Hands Around the World, Chorus