Jesus Christ was resurrected
Friend April 2006, suggestion # 4

Using a glove, teach the children about resurrection.
Show your hand without the glove and tell the children that before we came to earth we were spirits. We could move, think, choose, and learn. When we came to earth we each received a body (put hand in glove).
We can still move, think, choose, and learn, but now we have wonderful bodies to take care of. When we die, the body and the spirit separate (take off the glove).
The body can no longer move, but our spirit still lives. When we are resurrected, our body and our spirit are together again (put on glove), and the body and the spirit will never be separated again.
Jesus was the first one to be resurrected. Because He was resurrected, all people who have ever lived will be resurrected. There are many witnesses who saw Jesus after He was resurrected.

Sing a story about some of those witnesses (see TNGC, pp. 174–75).
Use GAK pictures and ask the children to read or tell in their own words the summary on the back of each picture.
Choose a song to sing after each picture. Some suggested pictures and songs are:

Have the children read D&C 76:22–23. Testify, as these many witnesses have, that Jesus Christ lives