President's Session, March 2006
notes by Shauna
I went to the open house and attended the President's Session but I didn't take close notes because they have always posted the president's message on (usually by the end of the last day of the open house).  I looked this morning and I didn't see it, so here is the little bit I did take note of:
The session was on scripture use in Primary (the same as last open house).  
She said that when we use the scriptures, we allow the Savior to teach the children with His own words.  (I wrote this down because I thought it so profound.  I hadn't ever considered it this way!)
She said every child should have his own set of scriptures (the cheap missionary copies are just fine).  
She also stressed that encouragement to bring scriptures need not be external.  There is no need to "reward" the children for bringing them.  Their desire to bring their scriptures increases as they are used in Primary.  

In the question/answer session, Sis. Matsumura suggested that if a Primary wanted to acknowledge the children for bringing scriptures, they should never single out one child over another.  
For example, she said instead of filling a jar with pennies, one for every child who brought their scriptures, to just look over the congregation of Primary children and say, "Look how many scriptures I see!"  And then grab a handful of pennies and put them in a jar (not taking time to count children or pennies).  
She suggested using the pennies "earned" to buy scriptures to send to a missionary from the ward.