Priesthood Preview OutlineFriend by Amy

Here is the program I put together (The Bishop delegated to me). I did not put myself in the program because I felt it was
not my place to speak to the boys on this topic. You could however speak from a moms perspective, about how the priesthood blesses your home.

Date: not on activity night
Place: member home (more cozy)
Time: evening
Refreshments: Rootbeer Floats (ice cream & toppings)


Presiding: Bishop
Welcome: Bishop

Opening Song: "I Will Follow God's Plan"
Opening Prayer: YM Deacon's Quorum Advisor

Talk by Deacon Quorum Class President 
"The Role of the Decon's Quorum (Aaronic Priesthood Duties)

Talk by YM 2nd Counc.
"Priesthood - Living a Christlike Life"

Talk by YM President
"Priesthood - Power to Serve Others"

Talk by Bishop
"Priesthood - Presonal Preperation" (question & answers too)

*testimonies if time permits

Closing Song: "We'll Bring the World His Truth"
Closing Prayer: Bishopric Counc.


I also gave each of the boys a picture of the "Armor of God" in a frame.