For Health and Strength CS 21
Friend Nov. 2006, suggestion #  5

Song Presentation:

"For Health and Strength" (p. 21). This round is a one-line prayer of gratitude and praise. Sing the song for the children. Invite them to pitch lead the melody and then sing it again. Reinforce the words by teaching the children to sign four of the words.

For the word health, extend the forefinger and the middle finger—this is the hand shape for H. Both hands form the H shape and touch the chest and then the waist.

For the word food, use the right hand to act as if you are placing food in the mouth.

The sign for praise is made by combining the signs for true and applaud.  First the forefinger of the right hand is upright and moves straight forward from the mouth, then a hand-clapping motion is made. To sign the word Lord, use the thumb and first finger of the right hand extended (hand shape L), move the hand from the left side of the chest to the right hip.

Another fun way to review the song is to teach it in a different language. The English and German words to "For Health and Strength" are very similar:

"Für Hilf und Kraft, fürs täglich Brot wir danken dir, o Gott." (Pronounced similar to "fyur hilf oont kroft, fyurs teglikh brote veer donken deer, oh Gote.")

It is fun to speak a different language! German has some sounds that we do not have in English. The "ü" sound is made by saying a long "e" and then rounding the lips. The "ä" sound is a short "e" sound. German does not have a "w" sound; the "w" makes the sound of "v." Point out the similarities in such words as for/für, and/und, health/Hilf, bread/Brot (bread stands for food here), God/Gott.