I  receive blessings as a member of the Church
Friend Nov. 2006, suggestion #  3

Liken living the gospel to taking a spelling test. Usually the teacher gives us the words beforehand and helps us learn to spell the words by giving us worksheets or drills. A teacher truly wants his or her students to learn to spell the words and to do well on the test. Similarly, Heavenly Father wants us to do well on our test here on earth. He wants us to live worthy to return to Him. Just as the teacher gives us the words beforehand, Heavenly Father has told us the things that we need to do to enable us to live with Him. He helps us along the way.


For younger children:
Help small children liken (TNGC, pp. 170–71) living the gospel to something they will understand such as obeying their parents or obeying a lifeguard at a swimming pool.

Display several gift sacks or wrapped boxes. Explain that we receive blessings for being members of the Church because the gospel teaches us how we should live.
The gifts represent blessings. On the outside of the gifts, use a label to identify the blessing. Select commandments that the children can keep from the list of "Requirements for Exaltation" on pages 303–4 of Gospel Principles. Inside the gift sack, place a card with a scripture reference that tells Heavenly Father's promise for living that particular commandment. For example,

Have the children look up each scripture and read it together. Share a story or sing a song to reinforce the gospel principle. For instance, "Not Enough for Tithing?" (Ensign, Oct. 2005, 67) shows the way we are blessed for paying tithing. Sing "For Health and Strength" (p. 21). Share a personal experience about how living the gospel has blessed your life. Testify of the blessings of belonging to the Church.