I can be thankful
Friend Nov. 2006, suggestion #  1

Play a game of "Blessing Squares."

Using either a poster or a chalkboard, make a 5 x 5 grid.
In the center square, write "Psalm 100:4." This square is a "free" square. Have the children look up this psalm and repeat it several times.

Ask the children to help you fill in the squares with things that Heavenly Father has given us, such as family or a living prophet to lead us.
Anticipate their responses by having pictures of some of the things they will say, such as:

(Use Primary picture packets, GAK, and pictures in the Friend.) When a child suggests something, have him choose which square to put the picture in. If a child suggests something that you do not have a picture for, let him write the word in a square.

As you are making the game, ask a helper to write the blessings on the game board on strips of paper. Put the papers in a basket. When the board is filled in, have the children pass the blessing basket along the rows as they hum "Thanks to Our Father" (p. 20).

Randomly stop the music and invite the child who is holding the basket to choose one of the blessings. Cover up that item on the game board. When you have five in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, sing a song about gratitude from the Children's Songbook. If your five-in-a-row includes the free square, repeat the scripture together.


For older children:
When covering the game board, cover them with twelve letters that spell "thankfulness" in a random order. When the squares are covered, ask the children to unscramble the 12-letter word.

Sing "For Health and Strength" (p. 21) and express your gratitude to a loving Heavenly Father who gives us everything that we have.