Heavenly Father has a plan for me
Friend Feb. 2007, suggestion #  2
Show the children several examples of plans. For instance, you could show:
  • a recipe,
  • a blueprint for a house,
  • instructions for putting together a toy.

Explain that when we put something together—such as a house, a batch of cookies, or a toy—it is best to know what will happen in the end. We need a plan.

Before we came to the earth, Heavenly Father presented His plan. It is called the plan of salvation.
Invite the full-time missionaries or a recently returned missionary approved by the bishop or branch president to teach the plan of salvation, from Preach My Gospel (pp. 47–59).
Remind the presenters beforehand that the presentation must be simple enough for children.


For older children:
Ask the children to figure out what order the songs in “The Savior” section (pp. 34–83) of the Children’s Songbook are in.
Read through the titles of the songs. Give them hints to help them discover that the songs are in chronological order. The section includes songs about the prophecy of His birth, His childhood and ministry, His Resurrection, our desire to be like Him, and His Second Coming. You could make wordstrips for each of these parts of the Lord’s life.

Sing songs about different parts of His life, pointing out that Jesus Christ is essential to the plan of salvation.
Testify that He is the Savior of the world.