I have faith in the Lord Jesus  Christ
Friend Jan. 2007, suggestion #  1

Help the children memorize
Alma 32:21. All of the children will memorize the second part, beginning with the word if, by setting the phrases to music.
Sing the words of the scripture to "
Have a Very Happy Birthday!" (pp. 284–85).
Fit one word to each note; you will sing the scripture through twice.
Sing the song through several times until the children memorize it.


Explain that when we have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we allow Him to lead us, even if we can't understand where we are going.

Explain that the obstacle course is like our lives. As we journey through life we need to choose a guide we know we can trust. The best guide is Jesus Christ.

Bear testimony that we do not need to see Him to know that He loves us and guides us.

Blow on a feather or a pinwheel. Ask the children if they can see the wind that is moving the feather. Ask them if they know that the wind is really moving the feather. Explain that we do not have to see something to have faith.

Sing "God's Love" (p. 97).

Review Alma 32:21 by singing the song that you learned at the beginning of sharing time.