I'll follow Him in faith (Friend Jan. 2003)
Friend Jan. 2007, suggestion #5

"I'll Follow Him in Faith" (Friend, Jan. 2003, 24).

Ask the children to listen to a hymn that tells us what we can do when we are feeling discouraged.

Have the pianist play the chorus of "Count Your Blessings" (Hymns, no. 241), and ask if any of the children know what the advice is.

Sing the chorus for the children.

Explain that the song "I'll Follow Him in Faith" is a list of some of God's blessings to us.
Write 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the chalkboard.
Ask the children to listen for the first blessing.

Sing "The Lord has blessed me with gospel truth," and then sing "la, la" through the next two lines.
When the children respond, write "gospel truth" after 1.
Have the children sing the words to the blessing with you, and then sing "la, la" through the rest of the first two lines, just as you did.

Follow the same pattern for "The Lord has blessed me with simple faith."

Explain that the part they have been singing "la, la" to tells more about the blessing.

Tell the children how thankful you are for all of Heavenly Father's blessings to you. Testify of God's love and the importance of following Him in faith