Jesus Christ created the earth
Friend Dec. 2007, suggestion #
Create a display showing some of the beauties of the earth. You could show pictures of:
  • animals,
  • flowers,
  • plants,
  • foods.

Ask the children to think about the beautiful world we live in as they hear a song.
While the pianist plays “My Heavenly Father Loves Me” (pp. 228–29), pass around a flower, and ask the children to look carefully at it. Notice the veins, the softness, the wonderful smell.

  • Ask the children, “Who made the flower?” (Jesus Christ—it was part of the Creation.)
  • Ask, “Why did He make the flower?” (Because He loves us and wants us to live in a beautiful world.)

Sing “My Heavenly Father Loves Me,” and hold up the flower when they sing the line, “Whenever I touch a velvet rose.”
Challenge the children to remember Heavenly Father’s love every time they see a flower.

Give each child a piece of paper and some crayons. Ask them to draw a picture of one of God’s creations. To create a reverent atmosphere, have the pianist play songs from the “Nature and Season” section of the Children’s Songbook (pp. 228–49).
When the children have completed their drawings, display them on a wall in the Primary room or on a large sheet of paper to create a mural. Let the children walk by and enjoy the pictures.


For younger children:
Using 11 different pieces of colored paper, teach the poem  “Colors of Our World” (Friend, Feb. 2006, 7).
Put the colors in order, and each time a color is mentioned, have a child hold up that color.
Repeat several times, and bear testimony that the lovely things in the world were created for us