Jesus performed miracles while he lived on the earth
Friend Dec. 2007, suggestion #
Ask the children what a miracle is. (A miracle is an amazing or unusual occurrence that cannot always be explained logically. It shows the power of God.)
Have them share examples of what a miracle could be, such as the sun not setting at night or manna appearing on the ground each morning.

Look up 2 Nephi 27:23. Point out two things: that God is a God of miracles and that He works according to our faith.

Divide the children into four groups. Choose four miracles listed in the Bible Dictionary under “Miracles.” Several days before Primary, ask four Primary leaders to discuss a miracle that the Lord performed while on the earth. For example,:

Use four stations (see “Stations,” TNGC,179), and have the children rotate to each station.
Ask each leader to explain that Jesus Christ performed miracles to show His power and to bless the people.
Ask each to bear testimony of the Savior.

Sing  “Jesus Is My Friend” (Friend, Oct. 1992, 5), focusing on the second verse.
Remind the children that Jesus performed miracles to bless others. The people were blessed because of their faith.