My faith in Jesus Christ is strengthen when I pray
Friend Jan. 2007, suggestion #  3

Invite a brother in the ward or branch approved by the bishop or branch president to dress in a simple costume to portray Joseph Smith and to tell the story of the First Vision (see Joseph Smith—History 1:5–20).

Have him focus on the faith and determination that Joseph Smith had in reading from James 1:5 and knowing that he could "ask of God."
While the guest is telling the story, have the pianist play "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" (Hymns, no. 26) softly.
Ask the guest to bear testimony of Joseph Smith and of the power of prayer.
Share hymnbooks to sing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer."


For younger children:
Sing "I Pray in Faith" (p. 14).
Tell the children that the first part of the song talks about praying in faith, and the second part of the song explains how to pray. While we want to pray correctly, it is more important to pray with faith.
Explain that Joseph Smith did not know exactly how to pray, but he prayed with faith, and Heavenly Father answered his prayer.
Bear witness of Joseph Smith and the power of prayer.