I will recieve the Holy Ghost when I have been baptized
Friend June 2007, suggestion #  2
Write each word of John 3:5 on pieces of paper, and distribute the papers to the children. Ask the children to read the words in random order, and ask them what the scripture might be about. Explain that key words such as water, Spirit, and enter  might help them. When the children correctly guess that the scripture is about baptism, give them the scripture reference, and help them put the words in order. Repeat it several times together.

The week before Primary, invite children to ask their parents how the children got their names. Ask them to report on what their names mean or why their parents chose their names. Then ask what it means to take upon ourselves the name of Christ. Conduct a discussion (see TNGC,  63–65) on taking upon oneself the name of Christ. Be prepared with examples, such as the missionaries have the name of Jesus Christ on their name tags because they are some of His representatives.

Together, have the children repeat from My Gospel Standards: “I will remember my baptismal covenants and listen to the Holy Ghost.”

Learn the second verse of “I Want to Be Baptized”:

I want to be baptized when I have turned eight,
To enter Christ’s kingdom through baptism’s gate.
I’ll take His name gladly, be known as His child,
And strive to be worthy, more Christlike and mild.


Invite the music leader to testify of the importance of baptism. Then bear a second witness of baptism and of Jesus Christ. Bear testimony that each of us needs to be baptized, or we cannot enter into the kingdom of God