I will recieve the Holy Ghost when I have been baptized
Friend June 2007, suggestion #  3
Divide the Primary into two groups. Ask the first group to find a scripture that tells who the third member of the Godhead is. Ask the second group to find a scripture that tells what the fourth principle and ordinance of the gospel is. If they need a clue, remind them that the Articles of Faith are part of the Pearl of Great Price. Review the first and fourth articles of faith.

Describe a time when you felt guided by the Holy Ghost. Or read the experience in  “Guided by the Holy Ghost” (Friend, Oct. 2001, 8–9), by Elder Dale E. Miller of the Seventy.

Tell the children that it is difficult to explain exactly what the Spirit feels like but that Jesus taught about the Holy Ghost. Ask an older child to read John 14:26. Tell the children to listen for another name for the Holy Ghost (Comforter) as they listen to the scripture. Display a soft blanket or comforter. Point out the similarities between the Holy Ghost and the blanket. For example, the blanket provides a warm and a soft feeling, just like the Holy Ghost.

Learn the third verse of “I Want to Be Baptized”:

I want to be baptized by God’s priesthood pow’r,
Be given His Spirit, be cleansed as by fire.
The Spirit will guide me if I will obey
And help me return to my Father one day.


(If you cannot access this song, teach  “The Holy Ghost” [p. 105] or another song about the Holy Ghost from Children’s Songbook.)

Challenge the children to listen for the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Tell them that they can feel the Spirit as they keep the commandments. Express your appreciation for this third member of the Godhead.