Councilor's message
March 2007 Workshop in SLC, notes taken by Ann, Ut

Organize Yourselves (D&C 88:119)

*new message available from Sister Lant
Letter to Bishops in February about safety practices when working with youth and children.
They highlighted a few -

1) plan SAFE activities - little risk involved, appropriate for age groups, etc.
2) ensure that 2 adult supervisors are at every primary activity and
3) parents should not take primary age children on church-sponsored youth activities.

They answered questions - I would love to go to other sessions of this and hear everyone's questions and their answers! Some of the questions were:

* New handbook? Not out yet.
* 2 leaders for activity days? No.
* Stake activity day leader needed? No.
* Are your primary-age children allowed at cub scouts/activity days in yourhome? under direction of local Priesthood leaders, but probably yes.

Big News -

  1. Workshops will now only be held in March of each year. In the fall, the workshops will be new leadership training.
  2. Teacher Improvement coordinators and quarterly meetings have been discontinued.

Primary leaders must orient each new teacher in primary and provide ongoing instruction and support for primary teachers.

The ward Sunday School president also assists in instructing and supporting teachers. Ward council is a good time to discuss improving gospel teaching.

Primary leaders should:

  1. Orient new teachers
  2. Support them
  3. Instruct them

Orient new teachers by:

Support teachers by:

Instruct teachers by:

How to use the Worldwide Leadership Training in your leadership meeting?