Councilor's message
March 2007 Workshop in SLC, notes taken by Emily Kitterman

"Organize Yourselves: Prepare Every Needful Thing."

They talked about how we should

  1. Orient our teachers/Primary Presidencies.
  2. Provide support and
  3. provide instruction for our teachers/primary presidencies.

The orientation should include the following steps: an expression of the importance of the calling, teaching what is involved in the calling, and a testimony of the confidence you have that they can fulfill the calling.

They did a mock orientation with a volunteer. They asked her who called her. They read D&C 36:2 to her and told her the Lord Lays His hands on you through the priesthood leader that is standing in for Him. Then they read D&C 50:13-14 and talked about how the Spirit is the teacher. Then they looked at the class role, encouraging them to invited less active. They took her through the lesson Manual particularly the front with all the teacher helps. Then they promised her that they would meet in 3 or 4 weeks to give on-going support. Then they told her they knew she would be great and thanked her for accepting the calling. All the orientation steps were involved in their mock.