Following Jesus's example will help us return to our Heavenly Father.
Friend March 2007, suggestion #  1

Write the numbers "6 2 3 2 3 6 5 2 4 4 2 2" on a chalkboard.

Explain that these numbers represent the number of letters in each word of a scripture.
Have the children look up 2 Nephi 31:12 and find the last 12 words.

Invite one child at a time to erase one number and replace it with the word.
Each time a word is added, have the children recite the scripture, clapping once for each word that is not yet written. When all the words are written, ask the children to close their scriptures and recite the scripture. Erase the board and recite it again.

Explain that following Jesus's example will help us return to our Heavenly Father.

For instance:
A teacher might solve a math problem to show students how to solve other problems.
A soccer coach might kick a ball to show how to kick.

Tell them that following Jesus's example can help us make good choices.
Prepare case studies (see "Case Studies," TNGC, 161–62) of true-to-life situations.
Give one case study to each class, and have them discuss the problem.

Point out that the last three words of the song are "try, try, try."

That same word appears many times in the song "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus" (pp. 78–79).

Explain that to be like Jesus, we must try. Testify that following Jesus's example will take effort, and it will make us happy.