I will study the scriptures
Friend March. 2007, suggestion #  2 - younger children

Help the children memorize the poem "I Will Follow Jesus Christ," with actions in the second part:

Jesus Christ was baptized,
and I'll be baptized, too.
I'll follow His example.
That's what I want to do.

I'll follow in His footsteps. [walk in place]
I'll study [put hands together to form a book], and I'll pray [fold arms].
I'll try to be more loving [hand on heart]
each and every day.
(Elizabeth Giles, Friend, May 1999, 24)

Explain that our prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, also teaches us to pray.

Sing a song he wrote, "Don't Ever Forget to Pray" (Friend, Apr. 2006, 11).

Bear testimony of the blessings that come through prayer and scripture study.