President's message
March 2007 Workshop in SLC, notes taken by Emily Kitterman

President's message
The Presidents of the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary presidencies presented this message. They showed a large cut out of a woman, and then they showed another cut out of the same woman covered with post-it-notes. They talked about how our lives can become so full with things that we forget our ultimate goal. We should be focusing on "stand together for righteousness."

 What does it mean to be a righteous woman?

Then they talked about how we should love the Lord more than the world and we should take off some of our post-it-notes. We should focus on the Savior.

They encouraged us to evaluate our post-it-notes. They said we should focus on people not programs.
Never suppress a generous thought. They talked about how we can't do it all at one time. There are times and seasons in our lives.