An Angel came to Joseph Smith (CS 86)
Friend May. 2007, suggestion #  5

Before teaching this song, practice conducting the unique rhythm. Post the following wordstrips in random order:

Tell the children that this song is about these four things, but none of these words is mentioned in the song.

Ask them to help you put the wordstrips in the same order that the song is in.

Sing the song for them and then ask which wordstrip comes first.

Because the first phrase is "an angel came to Joseph Smith," the correct wordstrip is "Moroni."
Have the children sing that phrase with you.
Sing the song three more times, putting one wordstrip in place each time.

Explain that Joseph Smith took the gold plates from Hill Cumorah, that the plates are a record of the Nephites, and that the precious, holy book is the Book of Mormon.
Because the song is short, sing the entire song each time that you ask a question.

Bear testimony that the story told in the song is true.