Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon
Friend May. 2007, suggestion #  2

On the chalkboard write BOOK OF MORMON in a simple code.
For example, use a code where you replace each letter with the next letter in the alphabet.
Give the children hints until they figure out the phrase.
Divide the children into groups and hand out other phrases in different codes. Invite them to decode words such as:

After each group deciphers their words, explain the significance that their phrase has in the translation of the Book of Mormon. Emphasize that the plates were translated by the power of God.


For younger children:
Invite a member of the bishopric or other priesthood holder approved by the bishop to portray Oliver Cowdery.
Provide a simple costume such as a black ribbon to be used as a tie. Have him tell the story of the translation of the Book of Mormon by using the material printed on the back of GAK 416 (Translating the Book of Mormon).
Have him refer to a notebook or letter to read the closing paragraph that begins, "These were days never to be forgotten." Have him show the children where they can find Oliver Cowdery's words in the footnote to Joseph Smith–History 1:71 in the Pearl of Great Price.

Invite the children to turn the page and use their scriptures to sing "The Eighth Article of Faith" (p. 127). The phrase "as far as it is translated correctly" applies to the Bible but not to the Book of Mormon because the Book of Mormon was translated by the power of God through Joseph Smith.