The Book of Mormon is the word of God
Friend May. 2007, suggestion #  3

A week or two before Primary, ask a child who responded to President Hinckley's request to read the Book of Mormon during 2005 to be prepared to share his or her feelings about the book.

Write "is WORD OF GOD is" on a large wordstrip at the front of the room.
Tell the children that you want them to find out more about the word of God by using the scriptures.

Show half of the children another wordstrip that reads "1 Nephi 11:25" and ask them to look up the scripture.
Do not let the other half see that wordstrip. Similarly, show the other half of the children a wordstrip that says "Eighth Article of Faith."
Tell the children that when they know what the word of God is, they should look up and smile.
When all of the children are smiling, hold up the Book of Mormon.

Have a child hold the Book of Mormon on one side of the "is WORD OF GOD is" wordstrip. Then show a picture of the iron rod leading to the tree of life from the Primary 4 picture packet (4–12, 4–13, or 4–14). Ask the children who had that scripture to raise their hands. Have a child hold the picture of the iron rod on the other side of the wordstrip.

Explain that the iron rod is the word of God and leads us to eternal life. Explain that the Book of Mormon is also the word of God.

Invite the teachers and leaders to sing the chorus of "The Iron Rod" (Hymns, no. 274).
Encourage the children to join in singing the song when they know the words.

Tell each child to hold their copies of the Book of Mormon while they sing. Likewise, they can hold to the teachings of the Book of Mormon in their lives. Invite the previously assigned child to share his or her feelings about the Book of Mormon.