The priesthood was restored.
Friend May. 2007, suggestion #  1

Ask the children to use their eyes and ears to discover an important message.
While the pianist plays "The Priesthood Is Restored" (p. 89) show four pictures, one for each phrase:

Explain that our living prophet holds all of the priesthood keys and authority in the Church today.

Hold up a picture of the prophet.
Explain that he leads the Church under someone else's direction.

Hold up a picture of Jesus Christ and place it above the picture of the prophet, signifying that the prophet works under His direction.
Show the children the most recent issue of the conference edition of the Ensign or Liahona.
Explain that when our prophet speaks to us at general conference, he is teaching us what Jesus Christ wants us to hear and do.

Carefully select four sentences from the prophet's recent messages and invite older children to read them.
List four things that children can do to follow the prophet's words.
Invite the children to draw a picture of one of the ideas that they want to work on to better follow the prophet (see "Drawing Activities," TNGC, 166–67).

Choose a song from the Children's Songbook to go along with each of the four principles that the prophet has recently spoken of.
Invite the children who drew pictures of that particular principle to hold up their pictures while the Primary sings that song.

Bear your testimony about the importance of the priesthood.