I can learn about my family history
Friend July 2007, suggestion #  2

Several weeks beforehand, ask older children to prepare to tell about the first member of their family to join the Church.
If possible, select children whose families have been members for several generations and also children whose families are recent converts.
Allow time for each child to tell about his or her ancestor or family member.

(Alternatively, present stories of Church leaders such as Brigham Young and Parley P. Pratt from the Primary 5 manual [pp. 65–66].)

Make a list of qualities that people needed in order to join the Church 150 years ago.
Make another list of qualities that people need today to join the Church.
Point out the similarities.

Sing “To Be a Pioneer” (pp. 218–19).

 Testify of the blessings that come to a family through the gospel.