I will honor my father and mother
Friend July 2007, suggestion #  3

Divide the Primary into two groups.
Have one group look up Exodus 20:12 and the other look up Mosiah 13:20.
Invite them to read their verses at the same time.
Explain that the scripture in Exodus is part of the Ten Commandments, which Moses received on Mount Sinai.
In Mosiah, Abinadi is quoting Moses. That is why the scriptures are the same.

Help the children memorize this scripture by going down the rows and having each child say one word. Repeat several times.

For younger children:
Show picture 6-24 from the Primary 6 picture packet (Moses carrying the Ten Commandments). Help the children memorize “Honor thy father and thy mother.” Discuss the meaning of the word honor.

Conduct a panel discussion (see “Panel Discussions,”TNGC, 175–76). Invite three to five members of the ward or branch of varying ages, including children, to come to Primary to answer questions about honoring parents.

Prepare questions in advance, and let your panel members know what questions you will be asking. For example, you might ask,

  • “What is one thing that your child has done to honor you?”
  • “How old do you need to be before you can stop listening to your parents?”

Stress the importance of always honoring your parents—both your earthly parents and your heavenly parents.

Create a medley of songs about the family: “Grandmother” (p. 200), “When Grandpa Comes” (p. 201), “Mother Dear” (p. 206), and “Fathers” (p. 209). Move from one song to the next.

Show a picture of your own parents, and share a personal story about how honoring and obeying your parents has blessed you. Bear testimony of Heavenly Father’s love for all of His children.