Love is spoken here (CS 199)
Friend July 2007, suggestion #  5

Song presentation: “Love Is Spoken Here” (pp. 190–91).

Display signs such as “English Is Spoken Here,” “Russian Is Spoken Here,” “French Is Spoken Here” around the room.
Ask the children to describe an area where that language is spoken.
Display another sign that reads, “Love Is Spoken Here.” Ask them what kind of place this would be.
Tell them it is important to speak loving words at home, no matter what language they are spoken in.

Ask the children to help you create a picture of a place where love is spoken. Ask them to listen as you begin the picture.

Sing, “I see my mother kneeling.” Invite a girl to represent a mother. The child representing the mother can reinforce the words by using gestures.
For example, the child can bend her knees when the song says, “kneeling”;
 the child can point to her mouth when the song says, “whispers”;
the child can put her finger over her mouth when the song says, “quiets.”
At the end of the verse, have the child point to the sign “Love Is Spoken Here.”

Invite a boy to represent a father in the second part of the song. Use similar gestures to reinforce the words of the song.
Be sure to sing the lines several times so that the children can hear the melody and rhythm.
Again point to the sign at the end.
Teach the final line of the song by displaying a picture of the Savior such as GAK 240 (Jesus the Christ) next to the “Love Is Spoken Here” sign.

Explain to the children that the picture you have created might not be the picture they see in their homes right now. It is not the picture that Sister Vicki F. Matsumori, second counselor in the Primary general presidency, saw when she was growing up. But this is her favorite song.
She says: “Because I grew up in a nonmember home, I did not see my mother kneel in prayer or experience my father exercising the priesthood. The song represents the example I hoped my own children would have in our home and the standard I hope will continue through the generations of our family.” Bear testimony of the blessings of living the gospel in the home, and challenge the children to prepare to have eternal families of their own