Answers to my prayers come through the scrapture, the Holy Ghost and others
CSMP outline 2008, suggestion for Sep.  week 4

Display GAK 605. Above the picture write, “How do we receive answers to our prayers?” Use the following songs and scripture stories to teach three ways we can receive answers to our prayers.

a. Sing “The Still Small Voice” (CS, 106–7).
Tell of Oliver Cowdery desiring to translate the plates (Primary 5,lesson 7).
Have a child represent Oliver Cowdery and read D&C 9:7–9.
Discuss how the Holy Ghost helps us feel that something is right or wrong.
What is one way we receive answers to prayer? (Holy Ghost)

b. Sing “Search, Ponder, and Pray” (CS, 109).
Tell the story of Joseph Smith pondering how he would know which church was right.
Have a child represent Joseph Smith and read Joseph Smith—History 1:10–12.
What prompted Joseph Smith to seek the answer to his question? (scriptures)

c. Sing “Love One Another” (CS, 136).
Tell the story of Limhi’s people and how their prayers for deliverance from bondage were answered (see Mosiah 21:13–15; 22:2–16).
How did Limhi’s people receive their answer? (others