As part of the plan, Jesus created this world
CSMP-booklet 2008 January, suggestion for week 4

Divide the chalkboard into eight sections. Label them
“Day 1, Genesis 1:3–5”;
"Day 2, Genesis 1:6–8”;
"Day 3, Genesis 1:9–13
“Day 4, Genesis 1:16–19”;
“Day 5, Genesis 1:20–23”;
“Day 6, Genesis 1:24–28, 31”;
“Day 7, Genesis 2:1–3”;

and “Because Jesus created this world for me, I will _______.”

Discuss each day of the Creation as one child reads the scripture listed on the board and another child illustrates that day’s creations. For day 6, display GAK 101, and for day 7, display GAK 240. Sing “All Things Bright and Beautiful” (CS, 231). For section eight, have each child decide one thing they will do to show gratitude for the Creation.