Heavenly Father answer my prayers in ways that are best for me
CSMP outline 2008, suggestion for Sep.  week 3

Ask, “Does Heavenly Father hear and answer our prayers?”

Sing the first verse of “A Child’s Prayer” (CS, 12–13).

Have children act out the story of Amulon persecuting Alma and his people as Mosiah 24:8–22 is read aloud (see “Dramatizations,”TNGC, 165–66).

Ask: “How did Alma and his people pray in their hearts?
How did Heavenly Father answer their prayers? How were the people of Alma blessed?
What did they do when they reached the valley of Alma?”

Read Matthew 6:6–8, asking the children to consider how it applies to them.

Discuss how Heavenly Father may not answer our prayers the way we expect, but He does bless us with the things we need.

Sing verse 2 of “A Child’s Prayer” and verses 1 and 2 combined.

Bear testimony of how Heavenly Father has answered your prayers