I can serve Heavenly Father by serving others
CSMP outline 2008, suggestion for Oct  week 2

Cover GAK 608 with a sheet of paper that reads “Who are we serving?” and display it on the chalkboard.

On the left of the picture write Needs, and on the right of the picture write Service.

Read Matthew 25:35–36.
Write phrases in the Needs and Service columns as the scriptures are read such as I was an hungred/ye gave me meat.

Read Matthew 25:37–40 and remove the cover sheet from the picture.

Discuss how we can serve Heavenly Father by serving others.

Ask the children to think of the needs of their family and friends.
Then ask what services they can give and add these to the columns, such as a friend is lonely/I will play with him.
Help the children memorize Matthew 25:40 (see “Memorization,”TNGC, 171–72).

Sing “I’ll Walk with You” (CS, 140–41).