I will live worthy to go to the temple
CSMP outline 2008, suggestion for June  week 1

Invite the children to express their feelings about the temple.

Sing “I Love to See the Temple” (CS, 95).

Draw on the chalkboard a road map leading to a picture of a temple and a family.
Draw other roads on the map that lead to “nowhere.”
Write on paper strips actions that will lead to the temple (reading scriptures, showing love, etc.) and actions that will lead to nowhere (forgetting to pray, not sharing, etc.).
Place the strips in a bag.

Invite the children to pick a strip from the bag, decide which destination the action would lead to, and post the action on the corresponding road.

Every time someone chooses an action that leads to the temple, sing the first two lines of “I Love to See the Temple.”
At the end of the game, sing the entire song.

Help the children memorize Alma 37:35. (See “Memorization,”TNGC, 171–72.)