I will my baptismal covenants
CSMP outline 2008, suggestion for Aug.  week 1

Explain what a covenant is (see “Covenant,”TTF, 44).
Discuss Mosiah 18:8–13 and the covenants people make at baptism.
Explain that when we are baptized, we covenant to keep all of the Lord’s commandments.

Write the following scriptures on the chalkboard:

Write the commandments found in these scriptures on paper stepping-stones. Tape them in random order to the board. Open a path from the board to the back of the room.
Place a picture of baptism at the beginning of the path and a picture of the Savior at the end of the path. Have the children look up each scripture and match it to a stepping-stone.
Have a child place the corresponding stepping-stone on the path that leads to Jesus Christ. Explain that obeying the commandments brings us closer to Him.

Sing “Keep the Commandments” (CS, 146–47).