Living the gospel standards helps me be a missionary now
CSMP outline 2008, suggestion for July week 3

Divide the board into three sections. In each section, scramble the words of one of the following from “My Gospel Standards”:

Invite children to unscramble the words, read the gospel standard, and tell how they can live it.
Liken the gospel standards to a chain that secures us to the Savior the way an anchor’s chain secures a boat in a storm.

Have the children write on strips of paper ways they will live these gospel standards.
Tape the strips together to form a chain.
Attach one end of the chain to a picture of Jesus Christ, and have a child hold onto the other end.

Sing “The Things I Do” (CS, 170–71).
Testify that as we live gospel standards, we can be missionaries by being examples to others.