Armour of God

If you had enough armor (or at least items to represent them), you could have several relay teams and have them dress up in the items as part of the relay. (ie if you divide jr/sr primary, then divide them up into several teams). For example, have them don the helmet (could even be a paper hat), a "shield" (could be made out of cardboard and foil, carry a plastic sword,etc. Have them put the items on, then walk to one end of the gym and back and take the items off and have the next kid go.

Perhaps when the kid gets to the opposite end of the gym, they could write their name on a big paper "shield of faith".
The only thing that might not be safe to put on in this would be shoes since everyone has differnt size feet-

At the end of the activity, the paper shield of faith w/the names of all the kids could be given to the bishop or just hung in primary or in the hall as a decoration.

The point of this would be that everyone is a winner/all can have faith and wear the Armor of God, etc. So in the "relays" there would really be no winning team.



~ maybe have them decorate their own "shield of faith"?

~maybe some kind of matching game to help them learn the symbolism of the items, ie that the sword of the Spirit= the word of God.

That would probably only be doable if you had your activities in stations.

~ this next part is just a joke but I can't resist, please don't take seriously :): for the "feet shod with the gospel of peace", have sugar cookies shaped like feet and have the kids decorate them in peaceful/happy colors.


Perhaps have them memorize part of those verses that talk about this
(Ephesians 6:10-17, 18 (also good!)

~ there are probably coloring pictures of this for younger kids they could do upon arriving!

~ sing that Scripture Power song from 2006