I am a child of God
by Renee

I was thinking about using the verses of the song and doing different activities to go with each part of the song.

1. I Am a Child of God and He has sent me here. (I had thought of either doing something with the 7 days of the creation or something with the different countries of the Earth- I have a book that shows ways they play hopscotch in different countries)

2. Has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear (do something with the home or parents, possibly a relay where they dress up in different mom or dad clothes, or we could have them do chores, or learn some home skills)

3. I am a Child of God and so my needs are great (maybe have them draw pictures or objects from a bag and determine whether it is a need or a want)

4. Help me to understand his words, before it grows too late (I saw on a website that there was a recipe for Scripture Cookies- I thought that sounded fun)

5. I am a Child of God, rich blessings are in store. (play Pictionary with different blessings, or some game where they name blessings)

6. If I but learn to do His will, I'll live with Him once more (I thought maybe we could just get some chart paper and put each name of the missionaries serving in our ward and have the children write them notes or draw pictures)

7. I am a Child of God, His promises are sure. (A concentration game where they match pictures of different promises that we receive.)

8. Celestial glory shall be mine, If I can but endure. (I can't think of anything?- maybe some else might have an idea?)