Tell me the stories of Jesus
by Carrie Randolph-Seng  
For the 3rd verse of "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus," I am planning on showing the short clip from "Finding Faith in Christ" that shows the story and someone says, "Master, carest thou not that we perish?"  Then the Savior calms the seas. It's at the very beginning of the movie and is just a few minutes long. Anyway, I haven't done it yet, but that's how I'll introduce that verse.

Yesterday, I just used GAK pictures to correspond with each phrase of the first verse. For scenes by the wayside, I used the 10 lepers and told that story and for tales by the sea, I used the picture of Jesus by the sea of Galilee where he calls Peter, Andrew, James, John to be apostles. And I told the fishing story on that's on the back. And then we just did a lot of repetition with each line, having boys and girls taking turns singing.

My senior primary was very restless and goofy yesterday, so we ended up playing the game where you pass an object and whoever it lands on has to sing the next few words. (they could sing with the 2 kids on either side of them)

We also sang it through once, standing up and swaying like we were on a boat.