Tell me the stories of Jesus

I held up each picture as I sang the song, or put them on the board first and then pointed to each picture as I sang the song. Then I invited the kids to hold the pictures as we sang through it again, but there was a catch. I didn't hand the pictures out in order, so unless the kids put themselves in the right order as they took their pictures and lined up in the front, the pictures were not in order. I asked the rest of the kids if the pictures were in order. The answer was always "no." And then we figured out what order they go in and put them in the right order, and then we sang the song again. I did
this at least 3 times with both groups & both groups caught on much faster than I had anticipated!
We play this game a lot when we're learning a song -- it's easy for me as far as prep time & the kids enjoy it. One thing I do when we play this is when the kids are putting the pictures in order, I always say the line of the song that goes with that picture. So instead of saying "the picture of Christ teaching the children," I say, "Tell me the stories of Jesus..." And then they always come back with the next line "I love to hear. Oh, the ear!" I do this through the whole song. Sometimes the kids have a couple of the first pictures in order, and then I say the words to the song as I point to the pictures until we get to a picture that is out of order. Then they can usually say the next line & which picture illustrates that line. Does that make sense? That way they're putting the words & pictures together. I will probably do something similar to this for the other 2 verses.
Oh. To make it harder for Sr. I will give each class -- or break them into groups -- and each group gets a picture. When we sing the line that goes with their picture, that group stands up during the line & then sits down again after their line. I mix up the pictures everytime we sing it and try to make it so each group has a turn with each picture.