Family prayer strengthens my family
CSMP-booklet 2009, July week 1

Ask the music leader to lead the children in singing, "Family Prayer" (CS, 189) while you draw a circle on the chalkboard and write "The family that prays together stays together" around the circle.  Explain that President Thomas S. Monson likes to quote this phrase (see "How Firm A Foundation," Ensign, November 2006, 67).  Discuss what it means. 

Display GAK 606 inside the circle. 

Have the children form a circle and pass a ball from one child to the next while they sing "Family Prayer."  When the music stops, ask the child holding the ball to name a blessing that his family might express thanks for or ask for in a prayer. 

Write the blessings on the outside of the circle you have drawn on the chalkboard.  Testify of the blessings of family prayer