Mothers nurture the family
CSMP-booklet 2009, March week 2

Display the words "Mothers nurture the family." 
Discuss what nurture means. 
Make a list of words that describe how mothers nurture the family (such as teach, feed, pray, comfort, and so on). 

Sing, "Love Is Spoken Here" (CS, 190), and ask if any more words come to mind. 
Hand out pencils and copies of the poetry form below.  Invite the children to write one word in each blank that describes how their mother nurtures them.  (Younger children could draw pictures of ways their mothers nurture them.)


____________________  ____________________

_______________  _______________  ________________

___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________


Let some of the children share what they wrote or drew. 
Invite the children to give the poems or pictures to their mothers. 

Bear testimony of the importance of mothers and fathers in the plan of happiness.