"The Family: A Proclamation to the World" 
teaches my family the importance of work
CSMP-booklet 2009, Oct week 4

Read paragraph 7 of the family proclamation, and emphasize the word "work". 

Explain that as we work together we strengthen our family. 
Show a length of string or yarn.  Invite a child to break it.  Give each child a similar string.  Explain that we are stronger when we work together.  Have the children pair up and twist their strings together.  Demonstrate that the combined strings are harder to break.  Have each class twist their strings into a class string; then combined all the string into a Primary rope.  Demonstrate the strength of the rope. 

Sing, "When We're Helping" (CS, 198), and testify that our families are strengthened as we work together. 

 With the help of the teachers, tie a small string around each child's finger.  Ask them to remove the string when they have completed a chore at home.