God is the Father of my spirit
CSMP booklet pg. 2

Show the children a few different gloves and point out that each of these gloves looks different, just as each of us looks different.
Explain that no matter how different we look, we all have a spirit inside our body, and our spirit gives us life.
To illustrate this, put on a glove and wiggle your fingers. Explain that the glove is like our body and the hand is like our spirit.
Have the children listen for the answer to the question "Who is the Father of my spirit?" as you read the first two sentences of Malachi 2:10.
Write "God is the Father of my spirit" on the board.
Have the children read it together with you. Explain that we are all part of one big family—God’s family.

Show a picture of a family and explain that when Heavenly Father sent us to earth, He sent us to live in families.
Have the children hold up their fingers to show how many people are in their family.
Tell the children that they will sing a song that teaches about their heavenly family and their earthly family.
Ask a child to leave the room, and have the other children choose a place to hide the picture of a family.
Invite the child to return and find the picture of the family while the children sing "I Am a Child of God" (CS, 2–3).
When the child is far from the picture, have the children stay seated; as he or she gets closer to the picture, have the children gradually stand.
Repeat with other children as time allows. Discuss the message of the song and testify of the importance of families.

Let each child take a turn looking in a mirror. Tell them that each time they look into a mirror they should remember that they are seeing a child of God.